Fortitude is required to say this: I feel a lot better compare to last year.


There was something unpleasant throughout the year that kept me wondering. A lot happened with me. A great deal of disarrays, naiveness, imbecility and so forth. One thing that I acknowledge about last year is; I started something that I have always wanted to do. Be that as it may, I did. I’m grateful to God. Since, I truly had no solidarity to begin and all because of low morale.


Nothing worked around then. Nothing helped in keeping the quiet. Restlessness had encompassed me.


If I summarize everything that happened with me last year, I would say it was a messed up story with tragic completion. Everything that occurred till the year’s end was ridiculously out of my control. Indeed, even my birthday didn’t excite me.


On 31st, I decided that I would spend this entire day doing what I love and throw everything that pesters. I did precisely same. Drew a ton. Made recordings until it was 12 am. The minute I heard the most intense Scream of “Happpppyyyyy Neeewww yeaaarrr” from all over and sound of crackers burst, I got a mystical murmur. It was so soothing, and I got myself back. The cheerful me. The bubbly me. The bak bak me. The pagalpanti wali me. And so forth. Furthermore, it happened on the grounds that it was in my intuitive personality. I needed myself back.


The bottom line is: If you keep your mind calm, think positive you will attaract only positive things, positive vibes and everything in positive form. I did that. And it happened. Now, I feel good. I feel positive and I see positivity in everything. Kindly don’t think back. Try not to give same circumstance to occur access your life. Trust me it’s in your control. Figure out how to take tough decisions else, you will never leave swamp. When you turned out, overlook where that bog was.


Release it. Relinquish things. Try not to fix what you erased in past. Love yourself, your family and nearest most genuine companions.

Have a good night.