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Hello!!! I'm Mumtaz Bano. Fashion is my passion and I have been passionate about it since I was 6 years old.I optate to be an "Entrepreneur" because, I'm able to set my own things.. I love to create something from nothing and the most important thing which I love about myself is that I don't wait for anybody to get my things done. If I am not capable of doing something, I climb mountains to get my things done. I commenced my business in this field because, it consummates that inner desire to prove myself right. This is something where I have the liberation to utilize my ingredients as I optate.

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Hello all! Expectation all of you are progressing nicely. I know I haven’t posted anything from recent months. That is on the grounds that I was on a mission that required my complete consideration. But,  uplifting news for all of you is that,  I’m back with couple of various and intriguing points separated from style […]

Why traditional Persian clothing style is sophisticated!!!Why traditional Persian clothing style is sophisticated!!!

Definition of Tradition in Oxford Dictionary: A long-established custom or belief that has been passed on from one generation to another. Other meaning: An artistic or literary method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, and subsequently followed by others. Every country’s capital city has a different tradition. Every tradition is unique and […]

A Beautiful painted diary making from waste material for fashion designers| DIYA Beautiful painted diary making from waste material for fashion designers| DIY

Material required: 1. Any cardboard 2. Hot glue 3. Cello tape 4. Fevicol 5. Colour paper 6. Scale and marker 7. Scissor 8. Spiral spring (optional) (Alternate method in coming video) 9. Punching Machine 10. Ribbon 11. Press Button Procedure: Step 1: Take the cardboard and mark the length and breadth as per your desire. Step […]