My ultimate Style IconMy ultimate Style Icon

Everybody has their own unique style not just the celebrities Style icon is not born, it is made. It takes time to develop and becomes the best in its own way. My journey of making my icon style was of course not easy. It took almost 7 years to develop and finalize the best. Your […]

What is Conflate CoutureWhat is Conflate Couture

I received many comments from people asking the meaning of Conflate Couture, and withal how arduous it is to pronounce. So, here is the meaning of Conflate Couture in my view. Meaning of Conflate in Cambridge Dictionary:  to combine two or more separate things, especially pieces of text, to form a whole.  Meaning of conflate is  basically combining two or more separate things. Meaning of Couture in Cambridge Dictionary:  the designing, making, and selling of expensive fashionable clothing, or the clothes themselves. The actual meaning of couture is sewing. So, here when we coalesce the word […]

Is entrepreneurship for me?Is entrepreneurship for me?

This is a big question and is very important to understand if entrepreneurship is for you.  Many experts have explained what it means to be an entrepreneur and every expert has a different opinion. In this blog i will be writing my opinion about the qualities an entrepreneur should posses. It is very important to understand […]