What is Conflate Couture

I received many comments from people asking the meaning of Conflate Couture, and withal how arduous it is to pronounce. So, here is the meaning of Conflate Couture!

Meaning of Conflate in Cambridge Dictionary:  to combine two or more separate things, especially pieces of textto form whole.

 Meaning of conflate is  basically combining two or more separate things.

Meaning of Couture in Cambridge Dictionary:  the designing, making, and selling of expensive fashionable clothing, or the clothes themselves.

The actual meaning of couture is sewing.

Thus, here when we combine the word Conflate with couture in form setting it moves toward becoming: sewing  a fashionable designer habiliments by cumulating distinctive hues, texture, weaving and diverse style of mold in only one dress to make it look special.

    ~ Mumtaz Bano ~

The above meaning is plenarily my own definition of my brand. This is the thing that I mean when I say Conflate Couture.

Hope it helped you in understanding the meaning and henceforth made it simple to articulate at this point.

Comment me in as to whether it helped you understanding the significance.